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A nutritional therapy clinic for people who want to upgrade their health and performance - or those suffering with chronic illnesses.

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Prevent early health decline

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What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy is an alternative or complementary health care. This healthcare uses nutritional changes, lifestyle advice, and laboratory testing based on your current health status. The goal is to support or improve your health and help you achieve you goals and alleviate symptoms by optimising your overall health. Nutritional therapy does not diagnose or treat using drugs and surgery.

Is Nutritional Therapy right for me?

You may choose to work with one of or Nutritional Therapists if,

Your medication has not resolved your health conditions,
You have a chronic condition that can't be identified - or conventional medicine has no/limited answers,
You want to optimise health, longevity or performance,
You have been diagnosed conditions listed below:
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What conditions do you support?

Metabolic conditions

Obesity, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes.

Autoimmune conditions

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Graves disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Sjogren's syndrome, Chrons disease, Ulcerative Colitis.

Digestive issues

BS, IBD [see above], gastritis, GERD/reflux, gallbladder disease.

Hormonal issues

Sex hormone imbalance, stress hormone imbalance, infertility, polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Skin conditions

Acne, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis.

Complex conditions

Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, other chronic illnesses of unknown origin.


Longevity, future disease risk mitigation, performance, recovery.

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"After days on this diet, my eczema started to clear up. Two weeks in, and was completely gone."

"Struggling with eczema and anxiety is mentally draining. Doctors never really took the time to understand my health issues. The lack of empathy and help was frustrating. It seemed like no one was interested in finding out why my eczema was flaring up. I would just get prescribed some steroid cream and moved on. The flare ups were getting so bad that I didn’t even want to leave the house. My face was covered with dry skin and red rashes. I knew the doctors weren’t going to help me.

So, I contacted Biospan.

Their website talked about 'taking control of your health through the foods you eat', which made perfect sense to me, but was something my doctors always shot down.  I was excited to see if someone could finally help me. I booked a call with Dorian, but before the call, I was asked to fill out some forms about my diet and lifestyle - which already added some much-needed optimism to my situation as they were concerned with knowing every aspect of my health. Finally someone cared!

The call was amazing! To have someone as knowledgeable as Dorian go through every aspect of your health is invaluable. He helped me identify what the potential cause of my eczema could be, what I could do to fix it and also prevent it from coming back. After suggesting I go on a low FODMAP diet, I came away from the conversation, for the first time ever, sure I was going to cure my eczema.

After days on this diet, my eczema started to clear up. Two weeks in, and was completely gone.

I can't recommend biospan enough. It’s not just the health benefits you get from using this service, it’s the education you get on learning about your body and how it reacts to certain foods/environments. Investing in your health is the most worthwhile investment and understanding how your body reacts to the fuel you feed it the first step."

Thank you to Maxi, Dorian and the rest of the team.

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What should I look for in a Nutritional Therapist?

They have been trained in the functional medicine model.
They are accredited by BANT and CNHC.
They do not subscribe to any one bias in the form of a specific diet, specific supplement or other 'silver bullet'.
They offer a free introductory consultation (ensure they know about what you are going through).
They will keep in touch between consultation.
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Our Nutrition Experts

Dorian Soanes (MBANT, CNCH - Thyroid Specialist)
Henrietta Paxton (MBANT, CNCH, Former Common Wealth Athlete for England and Scotland)
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What's unique about your nutritional therapy?

At Biospan, we practice a style of nutrition which is based on evolutionary science and functional medicine. This approach gets better results because:

It focuses on the root cause of your illness - rather than covering it up with medication,
It provides you the highest quality nutrition to fix nutrient imbalances,
It removes foods that may be damaging your health (and could be the root cause of your issues),
It keep you full and energised by optimising your hormones.

Our practitioners have a collective over 30 years of experience including former international athletes, and people who have experienced something you may be going through.

Each Nutritional Therapist at Biospan has their own story and was hand picked for their unique knowledge and understanding of functional medicine, nutritional therapy, and evolutionary science.

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How it works


Get in touch.

Contact us by phone at +442070978969 or email us at to discuss your situation and see how we can help you.


You have your first consultations, take your tests, and follow your food and supplement plan.

First we make sure to create a detailed case history for you using questionnaires, and a pre-consultation.

Based on your first consultation, you will be given a nutrition plan, supplement plan, and recommended tests you should take (e.g. blood tests).

You follow your nutrition plan and supplement plan until your next appointment - You will have guidance along the way.


The process is repeated until you achieve your desired outcome.

You may achieve your results after the first consultations - or sometimes, it can take longer.

We use return consultations to see how your plan went (and to interpret your laboratory tests). We may modify your intervention along the way.

You get personalised reports so you can learn about your own health.

This process is repeated until you achieve the goals you desire.

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6 Week Programme

•     Full Health History Analysis

    Personalised Health Status Report

    Personalised Nutrition & Supplement Plan

    Nutrition Support and Guidance

    Sports Nutrition Included

    Functional Test Analysis

Quick start | Pay as you go

Starting from:

Meal plan clients from:

3 Month Package

    Everything in a single consultation, plus:

    Includes 4 consultations with a registered Nutritional Therapist

    Complete Nutrition Support and Guidance

    Bi-Weekly Check-in Calls

Health Transformation | Guided Roadmap

Starting from:

Biospan Trust Guarantee

We cannot guarantee results for every person who uses our service. You may have a more complex issue than somebody else, if this is the case, we recommend getting in touch first.

However, in the case that you are unhappy with our service (which we hope does not happen), we will give your money back. Subject to terms and conditions.

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Sales & Customer Support

We are open for contact between 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, and 10am to 4pm on weekends. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible. (0) 20 7097 8968


Biospan Limited
33 Gloucester Street | WC1N 3AX
London | United Kingdom

"Henrietta pretty much changed my life"

"I started working with Henrietta after having a lot of problems with my stomach and digestion. It was having a big negative impact on my pole vaulting career, as I was nervous to travel as I wasn’t sure what food I would have to eat in hotels, and my competitions were being massively affected. My weight was reducing as I was just finding most foods I ate were an irritant for me and I just couldn’t figure it out for myself. Losing lots of weight in pole vault is super detrimental to performance - I couldn’t train at the same intensity with my energy being so low and this was therefore having a big impact on my results in competition.

Henrietta pretty much changed my life, she was so invested in my problem and I felt really supported. We spoke on a regular basis and she really gave me confidence that we were going to sort this out, and we did! I learnt so much about myself and my body and got my love of food back again.

I can’t thank Henrietta enough for everything she has done to get me back on track, I now know what foods are the irritant and she taught me how easy it is to work around them. I have had hardly any flare ups and when I do have them I know why and what to do about it."

Sophie Cooke, National and International Pole Vaulter, ranked 2nd in UK

"I am performing so much better and my body has changed for the better"

"I can’t recommend Henrietta highly enough. I was very confused and needed to talk to someone regarding my nutrition as an emerging athlete. My diet was terrible and Henrietta made making changes really easy and natural. I loved talking to her as she made so much sense and helped me to see where I need to make changes.

Since I have spoken to Henrietta I feel I am performing so much better and my body has changed for the better. Focussing on my diet is not so confusing since talking openly about my issues. I feel having someone like Henrietta to take advice from is invaluable. I am continuing to pursue my goal as an athlete and will regularly contact Henrietta for ongoing help.

Grace Denning-Smitherman, Junior National Rower

"Hen has has really helped to increase my self-confidence and improve my relationship with food"

"I had been suffering with bloating, constipation and fatigue for months…I felt really self-conscious and extremely uncomfortable after most meals. Henrietta’s nutritional advice & supplements transformed the way my body digested food and allowed me to improve my energy levels, reduce the bloating and eliminated constipation entirely. Hen has really helped to increase my self-confidence and improve my relationship with food.

I have since gone on to drastically improve my body composition and power to weight ratio whilst increasing training intensity and quality with no fatigue, so that I have added 15cm to my personal best and recently won the British indoor championships."

Tilly Hooper, National Pole Vaulter, 2 x British Universities Champion,

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