Introduction to Biospan™

Every human has their own requirements to be healthy - But, our society does not support personalised diets. We make ultra personalised meals to extend your lifespan and improve your health quality.

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Your Health Done For You

We provide a chef

You can have a chef cook in your home, or get meals delivered to you to store in your fridge.

Your dietary requirements

We shop, develop recipes for your nutrition plan, and provide nutrition support from experts.

You enjoy

No shopping, cooking, cleaning. Save time - Enjoy great food.

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The erosion of our soil and food quality is the biggest threat  humanity will ever face.

If we are to survive and continue evolving as a species, we must fix this.

The facts.

We have the highest rates of infertility in history [4,5], the highest rates of obesity [3], the lowest rates of testosterone [2], the highest rates of chronic illness [6,7] - and, our life expectancy had declined since 2020 [1].

We have more pollutants in our food than ever - and, our soil is losing it's nutrients [8,9]. This means our food has become less healthy.

OUR Mission

To advance human evolution and regenerate nature using personalised nutrition.

We are entirely focused on building the healthiest food company in the UK that supports our environment - without compromise.

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Everything we do is to empower people with extraordinary health. We offer full nutrition support from making sure your meals are nutritionally balanced, to providing a nutritional therapists you can work with, and even providing laboratory tests (e.g. blood) and analysing the results for your food plans.

Ingredient Quality

All of our ingredients are organic, grass-fed, or wild. These ingredients are superior in nutritional quality and free-from nasties.


We work with local regenerative farmers wherever possible who create top-layer soil that extracts carbon from the atmosphere and puts it back in the ground. We use no plastics, we are aiming for zero-waste, and have begun to offset our carbon.


In order to get long terms results for your health, your options must be as convenient as possible. You can hire a chef to cook in your own home, or get meal delivery. We constantly work to improve the convenience of our service.

Where are we?

We are based in London and offer our services in London. If you are looking for chef services outside of London, please contact us for more details.


Book a call with us to order a 3 Day trial box. From £676 for 9 meals + Ingredients Cost

You can speak with a team member, request a quote, get answers to all your questions, and order a trial box.


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