A personal chef service designed to your biology.


Meal Delivery Pricing

The meal delivery service that focuses on your health quality.

Meals Per Week

Weekly Investment

8 meals

Starting from £510 + Ingredients + Signup Fee

12 meals

Starting from £629 + Ingredients + Signup Fee

16 meals

Starting from £747 + Ingredients + Signup Fee

20 meals

Starting from £866 + Ingredients + Signup Fee

24 meals

Starting from £984 + Ingredients + Signup Fee

The prices above are estimates to give you an example. We are a bespoke service, so your price will be reflected in your requirements- To get a full price quote, please book a call with us to discuss your needs.

Please note: the above does not reflect the cost of our Biocheffing programme (signature package).

"After days on this diet, my eczema started to clear up. Two weeks in, and was completely gone."

"Struggling with eczema and anxiety is mentally draining. Doctors never really took the time to understand my health issues. The lack of empathy and help was frustrating. It seemed like no one was interested in finding out why my eczema was flaring up. I would just get prescribed some steroid cream and moved on. The flare ups were getting so bad that I didn’t even want to leave the house. My face was covered with dry skin and red rashes. I knew the doctors weren’t going to help me.

So, I contacted Biospan.

Their website talked about 'taking control of your health through the foods you eat', which made perfect sense to me, but was something my doctors always shot down.  I was excited to see if someone could finally help me. I booked a call with Dorian, but before the call, I was asked to fill out some forms about my diet and lifestyle - which already added some much-needed optimism to my situation as they were concerned with knowing every aspect of my health. Finally someone cared!

The call was amazing! To have someone as knowledgeable as Dorian go through every aspect of your health is invaluable. He helped me identify what the potential cause of my eczema could be, what I could do to fix it and also prevent it from coming back. After suggesting I go on a low FODMAP diet, I came away from the conversation, for the first time ever, sure I was going to cure my eczema.

After days on this diet, my eczema started to clear up. Two weeks in, and was completely gone.

I can't recommend biospan enough. It’s not just the health benefits you get from using this service, it’s the education you get on learning about your body and how it reacts to certain foods/environments. Investing in your health is the most worthwhile investment and understanding how your body reacts to the fuel you feed it the first step."

Thank you to Maxi, Dorian and the rest of the team.

Questions & Answers

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Does the price change if I eat big meals?

Can I cancel anytime?

Why do you charge separately for ingredients?

How much will the ingredients cost?

What is the signup fee?

Can I trial the service?

How quickly can I get started?

"Hen has has really helped to increase my self-confidence and improve my relationship with food"

“I learnt so much about myself and my body and got my love of food back again.”

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