We provide meals that are personalised for your health.

Achieve your health goals by through the UK's highest quality meal service. Using organic ingredients, a personal nutritionist, and a personal chef.

Fried Salmon with Crispy Seaweed and Betroot Puree

No cooking, washing, shopping.

NATURAL Organic Ingredients


Save On AVerage 9 Hours Per Week

How it works

Cartoon of blonde a lady measuring her waist in the mirror and seeing a thinner version of herself

Choose your goal

Lose weight, gain muscle, improve fertility, upgrade your performance...

Cartoon of a nutritionist holding a plate of steak with her thumb up and eggs, milk, and fish in front of her

Speak to a Nutritionist

Work with one of our registered nutritional therapists to create your plan.

Prepared by Your Chef

Your personal chef learns your preferences and prepares your food in their location.

Cartoon of a lady with unpacking boxes of healthy meals from a delivery

Delivered to You

We deliver meals you can fill in your fridge to heat up or finish off in the pan.


The most advanced meal service in the UK.

Click play to watch the video below and learn more about our approach.

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Registered Nutritional Therapists trained in Functional Medicine (mBANT, CNCH)

5 Star Review Purple Stars

"After days on this diet, my eczema started to clear up. Two weeks in, and was completely gone."

Personalised Meal Plans

We have lots of meal plans you choose from. Below you can see some popular options. We even offer Biocheffing, which is our signature package. Please get in touch if you have questions.

Sliced Steak and fried eggs with pesto sauce

Fat Burner

A personalised programme to help you burn fat without getting hungry.

Omlette herb waffle with cream and bacon on top

Muscle is Sexy

Optimising your ability to gain new muscle even if you struggle to gain weight.

Veggie broth soup with bacon in a bowl on a wooden surface

Medical Diets

Low FODMAP, infertility, skin problems, Type 2 Diabetes, autoimmunity.

DNA strand on a black background


Personalised to your health and biology by practitioners and laboratory testing.


The Service for Those Who Value Quality

This meal service is designed to be superior in every way. From the organic ingredients you eat, to the nutrition programmes you can access, and the freedom to enjoy your own personal chef.

Laboratory sample tested under a microscope

Understand Your True Health and Biology

Laboratory testing, health tracking, and functional medicine trained practitioners.

Personal Chef preparing marinated read meat on a skewer

An Experience Designed Especially for You

Get in touch anytime if you have any requests.

Two healthy  cows on the grass at sunset looking outwards

Nutrient Dense Foods from Local Regenerative Farms

Organic plants, pasture raised animals, and wild fish.

Broccoli cheese bake in glass dish on a wooden counter

Free-From Hidden Ingredients and Nasties

Using glass packaging to prevent micro-plastic and bleach contamination.

"Hen has has really helped to increase my self-confidence and improve my relationship with food"

“I learnt so much about myself and my body and got my love of food back again.”

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