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Ancestral Style Nutritionist (Virtual - Functional Medicine)

If you are an ancestral-style nutritionist looking for virtual clients, this role may be for you.

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Who are we?

The erosion of our soil and food quality is the biggest threat humanity will ever face. If we are to survive and continue evolving as a species, we must fix this issue. Our mission is to advanced human evolution and regenerate nature using personalised nutrition.

If you are looking to join an innovative company and make a difference to the world - this is it.

Biospan is the world's first Biocheffing service. We provide ancestral style personalised nutrition services AND personal chef services to cook all your food. Everything is organic, grass-fed, or wild

We are a mission-based company looking to make high quality food and ancestral health available to everyone in the UK. We want to create a future where you can experience a prosperity in health by eating organic, grass-fed, and wild foods that are personalised for your health - and conveniently available.


Recently, we have been getting an influx of clients looking for personalised nutrition programmes. We are looking for ancestral style nutritional practitioners to join our team.

This is somebody who has strong knowledge in nose-to-tail animal nutrition, regenerative agriculture, and functional medicine. This is not suitable for a plant-based nutritionist.

You will receive clients each week to support their nutrition. At Biospan, we will support you and provide tools e.g. recipes, nutrition software, and client automation (e.g. bookings, reminders) so you can make a change in clients lives.

You may even be able to work with our Biocheffing (personal chef) clients.

We are a startup, so it's important to expect a fast-paced startup culture.


  • Reaching out to clients to have initial calls (sales calls)
  • Having consultations with clients and creating personalised nutrition programmes using the Biospan format (feel free to help us develop our format)
  • Working with our recipe designers so we can get meal plans and recipes created for clients
  • You will be required to research client cases and fill documents after the consultations.
  • You may be required to have weekly calls with clients (depending on their programme)
  • Staying in touch with clients to answer questions when needed
  • Managing your own calendar availability so we can book calls into your calendar when needed.
  • Responsibilities may develop as the company grows.


  • Must have knowledge and experience in ancestral style diets and evolutionary science. This means understanding the health benefits of red meat, and offal. You will be expected to know what role different animal organs would play in a healthy human diet.
  • Understanding plant defence chemicals and how our ancestors would ferment, sprout, and soak vegetables, grains, and legumes to destroy anti-nutrients.
  • Understanding of indigenous people, modern tribes, and the works of people such as Weston Price and Vilhjalmur Stefansson
  • Experience in functional medicine and the use of functional matrix models to the find the root cause of chronic illnesses.
  • Demonstrable experience in reversing complex health conditions and correcting hormonal and nutrient imbalances.
  • Strong understanding of regenerative agriculture and the food market in the UK.
  • Startup experience is always a plus.


  • This is a virtual role, so feel free to travel (we love to)
  • Working in a company that is dedicated to accelerating regenerative agriculture and ancestral health
  • Valuable learning for nutrition and the startup environment
  • Company meetups as we grow
  • Flexibility to manage own hours (But we expect you to honour your hours and be reasonable. We are looking for part-time or full-time members, so we just need clear communication on how much time you can offer)
  • Pay + Share Options


£52,000 per year (based on full-time) - Plus, you will be given share options as an early member of our team.


This role is not suitable for a plant-based nutritionist or a vegan nutritionist. If suggesting red meat as part of a healthy diet (in large quantities) makes you uncomfortable, this role is not for you.

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